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Ingatestone Classic Car Show
29th July 2018 - 10am to 4pm
Ingatestone Hall, Hall Ln, Ingatestone CM4 9NR


Thank you for registering your car and its nice to welcome so many enthusiasts back. Last years (2017) show was a huge success and it is very heartwarming so many classic owners and enthusiasts have contributed to help our charities.

My name is Kevin and I will be arriving at the field about 7.00 on the day to get set up so you are welcome to arrive anytime from 7.40 onwards. (vendors best before 8am I would suggest) and before 9.30 would be good. You will find me in the blue gazebo.

Pictorial directions for show parking: in the gallery, click the drop down box under 2017 or click here> and entrance

Someone at the main gate entrance 'checking you in'. Please display your ID number clearly as you drive in and display at all times in your car.

Disabled parking will also be close by as well. Everyone else (public) will be prompted to park in the top car park and take a short stroll down. They will guide you if this is your first time as you have to drive along a track (also shown on the website pictures).

I found last year it was very busy so please come to collect your raffle tickets during the course of the day. Your tickets will all be cross referenced against the paypal receipts so it should be smooth.

There will be 2 fields in use and I hope appx 200 cars this year. If you arrive earlier you can choose which area to park. Last year we had over 160 vehicles last year and roughly 1000 public. I will have posted plenty of flyers in and around Ingatestone (see gallery 2018 flyer image). Please pass these on to let the public and friends know of the show.

There will be toilets, tea, coffee and a hot food vendor in addition to ice cream available. If you have raffle contributions please drop off at the main tent. Thank you if you do.

Car Information Booklet: Last year I tried to make a simple booklet with information about each car in the show. This year I have automated it during signup and it will be available online. I will send a link so you can print it too.  

Why a booklet?, How often do you visit shows and find it really interesting speaking to fellow enthusiasts but don't always have the time to visit everyone or they may be away grabbing a coffee or tea?.  They all have a history and that's what brings the cars to life.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday 29th July 7.40am onwards. If anyone can help (volunteer help) please do let me know.

Some interesting Trivia.

  • The Porsche 911 was originally badged as a 901 until a disagreement with Peugeot who were using the ' 0 ' in their model numbering.
  • The world record for a registration plate is £7,368,836 million for ‘1’.
  • Ferrari makes a maximum of 14 cars a day.
  • A Rolls-Royce Phantom’s leather interior is made from 15 different hides.
  • Did you know there was a brand of cars called Frisky Cars Ltd (worth a quick google search)
  • Vehicles manufactured between 1896 and 1915 are known as horseless carriages, which by definition are “antique” vehicles. Vehicles built between 1916 and 1925 are known as “vintage” vehicles. After that they are 'classics'
  • The spark plug was invented in 1860 by Jean Lenoir
  • 1887 'The Benz' became the first car offered for sale
  • The London motor show began in November 1895, organised by RAC founder member Sir Evelyn Ellis. The show consisted of five cars in a field, and only 500 people turned up. (5 cars - hope for ingatestone yet :-)
  • In 1900, while a Daimler Motor Works board member, Emile Jellinek convinced Gottlieb Daimler to build a race car and name it after Emile's daughter, Mercedes.
  • 1901 The first Grand Prix race was won with an average speed of .... 46 mph

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