Ingatestone Hall Classic Car Show - DLOC Great Eastern Rally

Ingatestone Hall Classic Car Show 2021 CANCELLED

Date: CANCELLED - No more shows. : The show is CANCELLED - Venue not ready/suitable - aka The DLOC Great Eastern Rally

Booklet Arranged by Number Plate

Vehicle Type Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Number Plate Registration Year Interesting Information
Car sunbeam 90 102fmf 1955
Car sunbeam 90 102fmf 1955
Car jaguar e type jaguar e type 1445 ar 1970
Car jaguar E Type 1445 AR 1970
Car Porsche 911 Carrera Sport 19 RO 1988
other Ford F100 207 UYP 1955 Custom American Truck
Car Ford Consul 249 EMU 1955
Lorry White Motor Company WC20 258 YUW 1952 The only one of its kind in the UK. Owned since 2014 and has attended around 70 events since 2016, winning several awards. Also featured in various publications, including a 3-page spread in Classic American Magazine
Car Morris Saloon 295 CCE 1963
Car Ford 100e 319cnm 1960 5.3litre v8, modified for 1/4 mile drag racing but kept road legal.
Car Ford Deuce Convertible 32 TU 1932 Hot Rodded 1932 car rebuilt in Dallas Texas in 1981, shipped home by the owner in that year V8 350 cubic inch Chevrolet engine and transmission Ford rear end owned for 40 years
Car Ford Ford Roadster 32 TU 1932 Red Ford V8 flathead Roadster
Car Jaguar Mark 2 3.8L 323AXT 1960 In current ownership for 20 years. Undergoing a rolling restoration.
Car Borgward Isabelle Coupe 571 YUU 1959 Most people have never seen one before!
Car FORD Anglia 105e Deluxe 659HYM 1962 Period modified vehicle to race spec with many magazine features, Ex historic touring car owned by myself for 28 years, purchased when I lived in Ingy with my Parents.
Car Ford Consul 712 vmk 1959
Car Rover Rover 110 761SHU 1963 Converted to 3.0, Unrestored
Car Rover 110 761SHU 1963
Car MG Midget 772COO 1962 Restored 1990 Essex registration 5 owners in 58 years all ways in Essex owned by us last 11 .
Car Morris Minor 1000 870 NTT 1946 Colour: Rose TaupeOwned since 1982 and restored 1982-1984 by myself in my parents back gardenWinner of many awards at Morris Minor events and also won Best of British at The Warren Concours D’elegance in 2017
Car Ford consul classic 315 987XNO 1961 restored over 9 years owned since 1979
Car ford Granada Sport Estate A221NHK 1983 one of only six left
Car Chevrolet Corvair ABH 626C 1965
Car MGB MGB V8 ADY56D 1966 Unusual specially built V8 Roadster version
Car MG B V8 Roadster ADY56D 1966 A Roadster V8 MGB was never built by MG. This is a beautiful example hand made by enthusiast
Car Austin Light 12/4 AKF325 1935
Car Imperial Crown custom ANH 244A 1963
Car Ford Escort MK1 ANK 108G 1969
Car ford mondeo st220 av56vda 2006 modified
Car Chevrolet Corvette stingray AVV185J 1971
Car Jaguar My.2 240 AVW775F 1968 The car has had 3owners, of which I am the 3rd. It was stored for 8/9 yrs and some refurbishment was done by the 2nd owner, who I bought it from in 1985. I have kept it in good condition regularly over the yrs. it has got very low mileage for its 53yrs wh
Car Toyota Celica Ta22 St Flatlight awe 160k 1970 Believed to be the oldest Toyota Celica in the world.
Vendor ford FIESTA AX11TJV 2011
Car Morris Minor B00 712F 1968
Car Porsche 944 B199NJU 1985
Car ford Granada B263BVW 1984
Car BMW BMW E36 ALPINA B3 LWG 1998 The only one of this model made in Estoril Blue
Car ford Granada B360WCP 1984
Car ford granada ghia b44 xko 1985
Car ford Granada B606AMF 1985
Car Bentley Eight B761NSX 1985 Number 5 of the production
Car Bentley Eight B761NSX 1985 Number 5 off the production line of 1736 made
Car ford Granada B903 BFC 1984
other Land Rover Series 3 B907 OJT 1984 One the last "classic" Land Rovers to enter Coastguard service; still in the process of completing to as near original as possible.
Car Morris Morris Eight Jensen BCE394 1935 One of only 3 remaining mass produced cars chosen by Jensen for their handmade bodies. This one was found semi-derelict and bought for £10 and three pints of Guinness from and Irishman in 1963!
0 Jaguar E type 1 1/2 roadster BHJ 132F 1968 Used as our wedding car venue Ingatestone Hall 2nd Sept 2017 owned for 20 years , have driven to the Le Mans 24 hr in France a number of times, where it can stretch its legs and is a joy to drive and own.
Car Jaguar J XJS V12 BLF 720S 1977 Very rare totally restored Pre HE XJS with cabriolet conversion. Thought to be only 3 in existence
Car MG MGB BWK341K 1972
Car Citroen 2cv C361 DMH 1986 late Paris-built example
Car ford Granada C371 SLX 1985
Car Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia X CBY 27Y 1983
Car triumph triumph herald 13/60 convertable CGF727H 1969
Car Ford Escort mk1 1300 super COO 614G 1969
Car Ford Escort mk1 1300 super COO 614G 1969
Car morris minor 1000 CRO885F 1968
Car MG BGT CSM583L 1972 Owned for 7 years
Car Hillman imp super Cvx450g 1969
Car Panther Kallista D277XPE 1987
Car Audi Quattro Turbo D44YGU 1987 Unrestored example of this road going version of the Rally Icon
0 Ford Sierra Cosworth D651 UCD 1987
Car Mercedes 230 SL 'Pagoda' DNR 591C 1965 A 1965 Convertible Mercedes 230 SL 'Pagoda' in light blue with the iconic hard top
Car Ferarri Dino 308GT4 DPL 247T 1978
Car MG F1 Magna DX 9924 1932
Car Humber Mk 1 Sceptre DYY 817 C 1965
Car Land Rover Range Rover Vogue E637 BFW 1987 An unrestored example of a once popular chariot for upper class land owners.
Car Land Rover Range Rover Vouge E637 BFW 1987 A rare example of this model, being totally unrestored. Over 300,000 built, but how many survive in this original condition ?
Car Buick Wildcat EGU735H 1970
Car Volkswagen Beetle EMX318J 1971 A Completely original. The original bill of sale is still with the car.
other ford Ranger 4x4 EO08 KGX 2008
Car Panther Lima 2 EUD281V 1979 Winner in club events
Car Rover P5b EXC729G 1969
Car Porsche 997 F1 ANC 2005
Van FORD ECONOLINE E150 F1 JTD 1992 American Day Dan with a Sherrod conversion
other Ford F150 F150JD ???? American truck
Car Rover Mini F825SPV 1989 998cc Racing Green special edition in near-original trim. Originally owned by Mrs Pam Crosby of Woodbridge.
Car Triumph Stag Triumph Stag FLV 299L 1972
Car Triumph Stag FLV 299L 1972
Car Ford Escort MK2 FSE 857T 1978
Car Morris Mini-Minor FUT383D 1966 2018 London to Brighton Mini Run Best in Show; one of 60 Minis selected to take part in the Official Mini60 Birthday part at the Cowley factory; 2019 Goodwood Revival Mini60 Track Parade participant.
Car Rolls Royce Rolls Royce Phantom G1 RRP 2010 Long wheelbase 6.1
Car Ferrari 488 spider G11FFH 2017
Car Mini City G140 BPA 1989
Car Bmw 325i G699SKX 1989
Car HMC Healey MKIV SE G8 HLY 1996 Factory produced by Healey Motor Company as official successor to Austin Healey 3000. Featured on Top Gear in 1996.
Car ford Granada GCD 168N 1974
Car Jaguar 420G GGw 41J 1970 Rare 1970 420G Jaguar saloon only 8 known to be on the road, a superb example!
Car Ford Escort MK1 GME 405N 1974
Car Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 11 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow GNJ 5V 1980 My Silver Shadow was first registered in March 1980 and has had just four owners before me, covering 98,772 miles. It has a rare ocean blue interior which is in lovely condition.and it drives beautifully.
Car Sunbeam Talbot 90 Mk 2 GRV 838 1952
Car De Soto S13 Convertible Custom, GSW 153 1949 Rare US vehicle an
Car Ginetta G15 GXC745L 1973 Ginetta G15. Walklett brothers (Witham, Essex based) design, built 1973 in Sudbury. 998cc Hillman Imp derived engine and transmission.
Car Eunos Roadster H140PRD 1991 MX5 import
Car Daimler V8 250 HUM 191G 1969 Owned since 2018 has been restored previously
Car Daimler Daimler 250 HVG220F 1968 owned 45 years- fully renovated
Car Sunbeam Talbot Sunbeam Talbot 10 HYX628 1947
Car ford Scorpio Estate J10GSE 1991
Car Lancia Delta Integrale J596 NLJ 1992 WRC rally championship road car
Car Ford Zephyr six JCA 905 1953
Car Sunbeam Tiger JGU 597C 1965 One of only a limited number of UK Tigers left on the road today
Car Vauxhall HB Viva 1600 SL JHK 121H 1970 Car has been in our family from new. Very rare HB fitted with 1600 OHC engine, believed less than five left now.
Car Morris 25 25 JT 667 1934 One of only left in the world, And the only one on the road, restored by myself.
Car Mercedes 320SL convertable K11 GDC 1993 immaculate condition
Car Mercedes Sl 320 K24 jpd 1993
Car mercedes SL mercedes SL K24 JPD 1993 SL 320 convertable
Car MGB GT KGH 665N 1975 Fully restored with heritage body shell
Car Lancia Flavia Sport KKB511D 1966
Car Jaguar E Type KKH767d 1966
0 Car MGB roadstet KMC 113C 1965 Da mask. Red Recent Heritage body
Car Ford Cortina MK2 KNB 424F 1968
Car Jaguar Jaguar Mk2 KVS 252 1962 She is totally restored & even if I say it myself she is stunning 👌
Car Jaguar Mk2 KVS252 1962
Car Volkswagen T2 Campervan KVW 261N 1975 Full nut and bolt restoration by myself this is a genuine Westfalia auto fitted with a Subaru engine.
Car BMW E32 7 series L47DPL 1993 Not many about.
Car Morgan Plus 8 L5YAB 1994
Car Reliant Scimitar GTC LCL 330V 1980 No 60 of 443 built as the last variant of the original Scimitar models. Previously featured in Practical Classics magazine.
Car Ford Anglia 100E LCL 409 1958 V8 Custom
Car MG Bgt Lhj621e 1967 I have owned this car for 54 years I purchased it new in May 1967
Car Ford Cabriolet LXS 628 1935 Rare RHD model built for the Argentinian market and shipped to Colorado V* 21 stud flathead engine 80 HP totally restored by the owner
Car Ford Escort M135UMM 1994 Only one left on the road
Car Jaguar XJS M45 OKJ 1994 British Racing Green, with AJ16 4 litre engine - the last straight-6 Jaguar engine.
Car smart roadster m4mhk 2004 1 of only 7251 sold in the UK and 1 of only 1057 left on the road today
Car MUSTANG Ford MA55TNG 2010 Black /Silver stripes
other BEDFORD CF Freeway Campervan MAA692L 1972 Fully restored a few years ago with many mod cons including a 5 speed gearbox, electric hookup, and even a loo whilst retaining many original features of sink, hob, grill and even an oven. Still has the top fold out bunks. A real must see for that nostalg
Car Toyota Hilux Hilux NA10 RAX 2010 We bringing the18ft Catering Trailer
Vendor Toyota Hilux NA10RAX 2010
Car Hillman Avenger NEW 486M 1974
Car Chevrolet 1976 Corvette Stingray 383 Stroker NJW 131P 1976 Fully restored with tasteful customizing
Car Bentley R Type NLT989 1953
Car FORD ANGLIA NOO 832C 1965 Current owner since 1988
Car ford Granada NUL732Y 1982
Car Triumph Vitesse NUX 263G 1968
Military Vehicle Willys Cj/mb Nxs 535 1947
Motorcycle Nimbus Sidecar NXS 662 1939 NIMBUS motorcycle and sidecar Reg 'Made in Denmark 1939 , four cylinder in line with frame , engine single overhead cam with valves and rockers out in the open for cooling , three speed and Nimbus sidecar .
Car Jaguar E Type Series 2 Roadster NYU666H 1970
Car Austin 65 Nippy OD8333 1934 Aluminium bodied Austin 65. Only 280 built.
Replica Kougar Jaguar Ofm99k 1971
Car Ford Fiesta Ome393x 1982
Car Jaguar 3.8Mk2 OPD57D 1966
Car Ford Thunderbird OSU 748 1957 2nd generation of the
Car Ginetta G15 OTK211J 1971 This car was built in Witham
Car Ferrari Dino OTO 69M 1973 One of twelve special RHD models manufactured for the dealers showrooms to promote sales of the standard Dino. Known as "Chairs and Flares" extended wheel arches, Daytona leather seating and wider Campagnolo wheels. Only 5 remaining
Car Morris Mini Traveller OTT466G 1968
Car Morgan Plus 4 Four-Seat Tourer OYM88 1953 Owned by me since 1969 and restored in 1976
Car VW Polo Harlekin P 62 JKN 1996 Of the 3000 produced, 103 Harlekins came to the UK, of which about 20 are still on the road. There were four versions of the colourway, yellow base being the most common
Car Mercedes SL 320 P83XTY 1996 this is a perfect example of this much sort after R129 series.
Car MERCEDES MERCEDES SL 320 P858 SVX 1996 Show winning version of Mercedes SL Cabriolet
other foden timber tractor pap 752 1959 bought in 1982 have owned the foden for 39 years origionaly bought new from browns of crowborough used for pulling timber trailers
Car Mayflower Triumph PAR752 1953 Only about 100 left on the road worldwide
Car Morris Minor 1000 PEL495G 1969 Only 39k miles from brand new.
Car tvr 2000m Cosworth Turbo phd77m 1974 (Won Trevor Wilkinsons best restoration of the year trophy in 2012) (Won Best in show at castle park 2016) (Featured in sprint magazine in 2011)
Car Sunbeam Tiger PNW 174C 1965 Re-imported from the USA & converted to RHD in 1988. Fitted 302ci GT40 engine with fuel injection & 5sp. gearbox.
Kit UVA Fugitive Q679 MHK 2004
Car Fiat Seicento R117 GGF 1998
Car TVR Chimaera R400 RVT 1997 Had a near full restoration Inc candy paint work
Car Rover metro 100 metro ascot R719 cjn 1997
0 Porsche 911 Carrera R772 EPU 1998
Car Ford Escort MK2 RAA 909T 1978
Car MG B GT REE 22 H 1969
Car jaguar xj6 reg87om 1974 mint condition yellow xj6
Car Morris Ms six Rke803 1953 Very rare car, there is about 35 in the world registered to be on the road. This perticular car has a straight 6 engine with an OHV. It has also been in magazines.
Car DAIMLER V8 250 RNJ 548G 1968 I have had the car for 25 years and restored it myself
Car Daimler V8 250 RNJ548G 1968
Car Bentley R Type Special RSJ760 1953 Built from a scrap chassis and engine over a 14 year period.
Car ford zodiac rur888 1954
other Eicher Tractor RVCL879 1951 German 3 seater vintage tractor
Car VW Golf Cabriolet S225FUA 1998
Car Eunos Roadster S898SBD 1991 Modified, many stickers
Car Ford Escort MK1 SEC 250M 1975
Car Morris Minor 1000 SKK 380G 1969 69000mls from new
Car Triumph TR6 SLE 861L 1973
Car Jaguar XK8 Convertible SPC538S 2005 Well presented XK8 in unusual colour - Seafrost. Low mileage for year. Perfect condition.
Car Dodge Coronet Srr358f 1968 Muscle car
Car BUICK SERIES 40 SSV 536 1930 This is one of three known running from a total of 128 export cars made, it still has its 6volt electrics..
Car Ford Model A SV 5943 1929 1929 Ford Model A hotrod with Rover V8, mustang front, jag rear.
Car Ford Escort Mexico SWP694L 1972
Vendor Ford Transit icecream van Ford TBC TBC Hi there, just registering for 2020 Ingatestone Classic Car show 2020, for us to attend with our icecream vans Gelato Italia
other Not sure Bullet Tbc123 0000
Car Daimler 250 V8 Daimler 250 V8 TBL 220G 1968 Owned for 10 years
Car Austin Healey 100-6 TDG 521 1957
Car Ford V8 Pilot TDN 951 1951 Green Standard 3.6 Flathead V8 3.6 Ltr Column 3 Speed
Car Sunbeam 90 mk3 Ten 967 1956 Converted to floor gear change
Car ford Granada TGY 135R 1976
Car Porsche 356 TKX 490J 1959 Replica of a 1959 Porsche 356 convertible D. Originally only 1300 built.
Car MG Midget 1500 TLE 867R 1976 Totally rebuilt from bare body over 4 and a 1/2 years
Car Hillman Minx UJ2929 1934 believed only one of about 35 cars remaining
Car Maserati Granturismo V5 GTU 2008 Stunning rare Bianco Fuji colour one of a kind always turns heads
Car Rover 45 V6 connoisseur VE52 HLK 2002 Best in class multi trophy winner
Car Daimler SP250 VFF955 1960
Car General Motors/Chevrolet Corvette VJD 5G 1967 LHD American icon a superb example of the genre and a rare vehicle in the UK
Car BMW 330D SE Touring W412NMR 2000 Owned 12 years by Bristol Cars UK, Raped by them in Bristol livery
Car Mazda MX5 W801ONN 2000
Car Bentley S1 WGN 405 1958 embassy car Vienna
Car SS 100 Jaguar WLD 100 1938 Special coachwork
Car Daimler DE 36 Toomer Special WXG 661 1948
Car Daimler DE 36 Toomer Special WXG 661 1948
Replica Ford GTD GT40 WYB83G 1991
Replica Ford GT40 GT40 WYB83G 1991 Lots
Car Lincoln Premier Wyj421 1960 Just over two years ago and has been off the road for over 20 years.
Car Honda Crz X300ren 2010 Sporty rare hybrid
Car Jaguar XJR X87 ERO 1999 a future collectible
other Ford Mk1 transit motorhome XGU274M 1972/3 Only one left
Car Daimler DBL6 XJT788M 1974
Car Ford Capri XKL332J 1971
Car MGF roadster Y388 LHK 1979
Car Land Rover Series 2 SWB YDG 774 1960
Car Austin Healey 3000 mk111 YHH 765B 1964
Car Land Rover 88 YKE63A 1963 Present owner 11 years, over 20 previous owners. Brought back to near original condition
Car MG MGA 1500 Roadster YUG 44 1957 Only the 2nd family owner, original right hand drive matching numbers presented in the very rare colour of Tyrolite Green
Car Wolseley six YYA628N 1974 Wolseley six is part of the land crab range Austin / Morris 1800/ 2200 is a mk 3 and only around 100 left in the country.